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Prayer List

Susan Allen

Becky Baney

Larry Barnhart

Max & Martha Bingman

Chris Bruce

Betty Carter

Marge Camp

Kelly Chesney

Nancy Davis

J.R. Digivonni

Doug Eaton

Troy Ermey

Mary Ewing

Denise Frost

Eric Graybill

Julie Gaugler

Debra Good

Thor Michael Hall

Brantely Herman

William Hassinger

Dean Heintzelman

Mary Hepner

Betty Herman

Cloyd Hess

Denise Heffner

Doris Heffner

Cheryl Henry

Gracie Hollenbach

Stephanie Horne

Lester Hummel

Jim Jacobs

Lou James

Pastor Jones

Marcus Josey

Riley Kandrovy

Ben Keiser

Rachel Kelsey

Pat and Guy Kerstetter

Paige Keslowski


Thereas Koch

Dr. Kristine Marcks

Marianna Marquis 

Jessica Martin

Linda Martin

Marica McBirney

Tony Milbrand

Lisa Milbrand

Michele Miller

Nancy Murray

Daisy Peters

Charlie Potter

Karen Renninger

Coleen Renshaw

Ron Renshaw

Debbie Reigle

Audrey Ritter

Steve Savidge

John & Joyce Schenk

Dean Scholl

Tim Scholl

Helen Schug

Cathy Shaffer

Darryl Shirk

Finley Snook

John Snyder

Elizabeth Shaffer Velluto

Sybil Spotts

LaDawn Straub

Nancy Straub

Louie Straub

Erik Swanson

Karla Troutman

Debbie Wagner

Jill Walter

Jed Wert

Sherry Wert

Glenn Wiand

Carl Winey


Curtis Yerger

Bob Zimmerman

Ruth Zimmerman


If there is a name on the list who has recovered and no longer needs to be on the list, or a family member who has passed or is sick,

please inform the office at 570-837-6121 so that name can be removed, or a name can be added to the list.

We extend our prayers and sympathy to the family and friends of Michael Bobb, Alton Phillips, and Carolyn Bowersox cousin of Pamela Shaffer.

Also please keep Emmanuel in your prayers as we continue with the difficult task of searching for a pastor for Emmanuel.

Also please keep in your prayers Rev, Stina Schaeffer and the congregation of Salem Lutheran Church.


Just a reminder that Julie Rudon will send cards from the church if you let her know when there is someone ill, or deceased. Her phone number is 570-847-6260.

If you put a name on the Prayer List read during the service, please inform the Pastor or the office if the person or family would like a visit from the Pastor.






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